Lose weight quickly with fats and proteins!

The current ketogenic diet is a modern version of the diet regimen introduced in the 20 years of the last century. Originally, this special diet was used to treat patients with epilepsy who were not responding to epilepsy treatment. A minor benefit of this treatment was rapid weight loss, even though the food is based on a large amount of healthy fats, proteins and minimal carbohydrate intake.
Replace carbohydrates with fats and lose weight!
Diet on the principle of ketosis is based on the "reprogramming" of our body. Our body and brain are commonly used as a source of energy carbohydrates i.e. Simple and complex sugars from the diet. As part of this process you will learn your body to burn instead of sugar fat deposits from your body and diet full of healthy oils, proteins and vitamins from pre-cooked tasty dishes and cocktails.

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