How to deal with heat

The summer is beautiful and we love it. But in addition to vacation we have to perform certain activities that we can not do in the winter season. You'll love the cottage. You are looking forward to a beautiful environment and clean air, but you also have to occasionally attach your hand to the work so that the cottage, as it is said to people, does not fall on your head. Here you need to fix the okap, there to paint fencing, you can perform all this in the summer. After such work, of course you want to give a proper refreshment.
The best is cold
You have fulfilled your tasks, you have put everything in order, the cottage is shining, but you are completely exhausted and need a quick boost? Surely you have a good wife with you who will suit you and do what he sees in your eyes. He knows they're selling ice cream in the village, so she'll be happy to jump for her.

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