Accommodation Kolín provides various services, even those which are not very related to the provision of accommodation services. One of them is catering. We will prepare you a refreshment of your wishes and take it to the destination, whether it be an office or a shop. You will be worried about dirty dishes and inventing specific foods. We have some experience in this area, so we will be happy to advise you on what is most popular with our customers.
Luxury accommodation for lovers
Accommodation Kolín does not offer only standard equipped rooms (whether two or three-bedded with private bathroom and TV, but luxury apartment. The luxury apartment is very tastefully furnished and includes a corner bath, which is perfect for romantic moments in two. Not for nothing are the most common inhabitants of the newlyweds who have had a wedding in our premises. It is also very popular during the holiday season in love, whether it is St. Valentine's Day and the traditional 1. Maypole.

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